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Like general medical malpractice claims, dental malpractice also refers to negligence and a breach of the duty of care a patient is owed by their dentist. A claim of dental malpractice must include a negligent act that caused an injury to the patient. While dental malpractice is similar to medical malpractice in most ways, it differs because patients can file a claim against a dentist if there is proof they’ve been subjected to unnecessary procedures. If you or someone you love has been subjected to dental injury by the negligent actions of a dentist or associated medical professional, you may be entitled to a file a claim to recover losses and emotional distress. Contact the Fairfax dental malpractice attorney at Rothermel Law Firm, PLC, to schedule a consultation with our team of legal professionals.

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Complications From Dental Malpractice

In a dental malpractice case, your attorney will work to show how a dentist’s negligent actions led to damages. Many complications can result from poor dental outcomes beyond damage to your mouth and teeth.

Examples of damages experienced by victims of dental malpractice include but aren’t limited to:

  • Loss of one or more affected teeth
  • Damages from poorly fitted dental devices and fillings
  • Infections associated with improper cleaning of cavities, dental devices, or implants
  • Facial numbness or pain from nerve damage
  • Nerve damage from poorly administered anesthesia or dental procedures
  • Harm and disease advancement from failure to diagnose illnesses and complications

If you’ve experienced any of the poor outcomes mentioned above after a dental procedure or visit, you need to work quickly to collect the necessary information required to file a claim and build a case.

Building a strong dental malpractice case in Fairfax requires collecting information, such as:

  • Correspondence from your dentist outlining or documenting the events or failed procedure
  • Collecting documentation outlining losses connected to the negligent actions, including but not limited to expenses associated with work absences, additional medical treatments, medical support staff required to complete daily activities due to impairment, and other associated expenses
  • Notes and records from doctors or physical therapists that outline any pain and suffering caused by a negligent act and how it has limited the ability to perform productivity, leisure, and ability to work and enjoy one’s life

The more information you can record, the better. Our Fairfax dental malpractice lawyer can use your records to build a strong case as you file a compensation claim.

Why You and Your Family Need a Fairfax Dental Malpractice Attorney

At Rothermel Law Firm, PLC, we are dedicated to fighting for our clients and their families. We are a full-service firm with many years of experience working with clients to help them seek justice. Our commitment to justice and fairness drives our firm forward. We may be a boutique firm, but we fight with the passion and conviction clients need in difficult litigations. We understand that every case is different, so we begin each case by creating a personalized strategy for each client. We’ve handled hundreds of cases, and our attorney is hands-on and works closely with each client. Filing a claim seeking damages in a dental malpractice case is about more than financial recovery. It's also about seeking justice and holding the negligent actor responsible for violating the duty of care to their patient.

The Fairfax dental malpractice lawyers at Rothermel Law Firm, PLC can work with you to:

  • Organize the evidence in your case to create a strong legal strategy
  • Fight malpractice insurance companies using experience and expertise
  • Inform and provide insight to a client about the legal process
  • Fight for the maximum compensation based on the circumstances of your case
  • Help clients maximize the possible compensation in their case

If you’ve been injured because of the negligence of a trusted dental professional, you’re likely experiencing pain from the experience and anger for how you were treated. Our Fairfax dental malpractice attorney can help you start building your case today.

Fairfax Dental Malpractice Attorney

Dental malpractice statutes are governed by state law, so your case will benefit by working with an attorney familiar with the area and state. If you’ve experienced pain and anguish caused by a failed procedure or other negligent act by your dental provider, contact our Fairfax dental malpractice lawyers. The lawyers at Rothermel Law Firm, PLC will examine the details of your claim and present the legal options available to you according to Virginia law. Don’t let the statute of limitation run out in your case. Call our office today at (703) 215-3117 to schedule an appointment.

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